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Good way to start a good day!!

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engaging, nicely formatted but still more neurodivergent splooge. i find my own rabbit holes.

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I just finished reading “Left on 10th” by Delia Ephron and it’s a great read.

I did read Educated which often left me feeling horrified but was glad she escaped, so to speak.

That dog photo is just way too cute.

I am a huge football fan . My fantasy was to be the first woman NFL coach. You know how that worked out. 🤣

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So Heather, you gave me a boost to know you enjoyed my book recommendation. I buy up copies of Dr. Westover's book to give to kids who I know are struggling. The message comes through to them clearly that they, like Epictetus the slave-philospher, that the only thing we have any real control over in our lives is our minds.

I am doing a close reading of Tara's book because of the role advocates had in her success. I want to list them and how they helped her. There were so many good people who urged her on and sometimes, almost dragged her forward. I am interested in the important role of advocates in the success of young people in a tough world. I am interested because I didn't always have advocates, but when I did, it felt like getting wings. I could fly.

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I'd heard about that movie on Netflix (it's Blunt, not Blount, btw LOL), but had no plans to watch it even though I'm fan of both Chris AND Emily. To answer your questions.

Do you have a favorite book to share? I only read adult romance, so I can't help you there. LOL

What’s the goofiest thing you have seen a dog do? Hop like a bunny. Those damn IG reels.....

What’s your favorite fish? Or do you even like fish? I love salmon. Preferably smothered in melted herb butter. And for the longest time, I didn't like ANY kind of fish. Probably because I was traumatized from eating fish sticks in school (just threw up a little in my mouth when I typed that. Blech!). I only started liking fish, preferably salmon, several years ago. I've had whitefish, which is kind of like Sea Bass in the way that it melts in your mouth.

Got a Ford? Car fetish? I don't really have a car fetish, but I can tell you that my Dad is a Ford man. He built a beautiful '33 Ford from the ground up after he retired. And, before my older sister wrecked it, he had a Ford LTD. Speaking of Ford, I think it's utterly crazy that they were able to build that in an hour. Based off the pic, I can see how that's possible. LOL Today, if it was that easy to build a car, I'd be incredibly leery.

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