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Can't wait to try the remoulade. It is about my difficulty level. Hah! I am wondering if it would be good on vegetables like broccoli or cauliflower? I will let you know. Also looking forward to more Bosch. He is such an interesting character. I find the 92 year old hiker amazing. Thanks for the inspiration, Heather.

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Thank you for the kind promotion, Heather. But more importantly, thank you for the reminder that remoulade is wonderful! Finding an excuse to use that recipe this weekend...

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We enjoy Bosch too!

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Great read as always. Was just getting ready to start Bosch Legacy after we finish Justified. I was sure Maddie would get hurt, but hopefully her dad is up to the task of rescuing.

Hard recipe looks doable. Wondering if it would work on poached salmon...

Keep ‘em coming. You are always a good read.

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Hi Heather. I always enjoy your posts.

Books I am reading:

Don’t Go to College, by Michael Robillard Timothy Gordon. Thought provoking, considering so many kids end up with massive debt and dubious skills.

Educated, by Tara Westover. I’ve read it several times, because I feel an affinity to her experience, and I enjoy her beautiful prose. Now I am doing a close reading to track the advocates who keep her going when her next steps seemed undoable. Kids need adult mentors and advocates to help them to direct their natural drive and ambitions.

Cougars on the Cliff, a memoir by Maurice Hornocker. Hornocker undertook the first formal study of the elusive and almost mythical mountain lions in the rugged mountains of central Idaho.

My week has been extraordinary.

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