Hi. I’m Heather Brebaugh, a retired higher education consultant, now living in mile high Prescott, Arizona. You might know me as the Founder of the Kindness Magnet newsletter, which explores the scientific benefits of practicing daily kindness habits, currently with readers in 57 countries.

What is After 21 Club?

After 21 Club is a generational lifestyle newsletter. I like to call it a sweet retreat where Friday meets you on the way to life's little pleasures.

It includes all generations, young, old and in between where we share recommendations and reviews and ponder the lives we lead.

Bring your curiosity and your creative spirit as we explore recipes, books, movies, travel, music,🎵 style, culture, work, where to live, kindness and more….all through the lens of generations.

Why Subscribe?

In After 21 Club, I hope to combine the thoughts and ideas of generations, to create a richness of culture, experience, and wisdom. I hope readers will look forward to the sharing of ideas and the beauty of connections.

Subscriptions are Free

All content is free 🆓 for all subscribers. You receive all newsletters. You have access to all comments and discussions, all interviews and podcasts 🎧 (as they are added) and all archived material.

If, in the future, donations are accepted, everyone will still have access to all the content.

Who is Your Writer?

I am Heather, an introvert who weeds in her garden in Prescott, AZ or looks for sand dollars on the beach in Oceanside, CA. I’m an English major and teacher, turned sales coach and higher education consultant. I’ve learned to become an ambivert in order to survive.

I live with my husband, Bill, my proof reader and best friend. He keeps me from making terrible mistakes in my writing, while also providing comic relief 😁 in our day to day.

I started Kindness Magnet in 2021, after discovering that there are so many scientific🧪benefits to practicing daily kindness habits.

As I was researching ideas for Kindness Magnet, I started stumbling across the benefits of generational interactions. I was hooked. From there, it was a short leap to After 21 Club. I hope you’ll enjoy being here, too.

“I wanted a place for candid conversation for all ages. There’s a lot to share. Instead of dividing us by age or generational titles, let’s benefit from the wisdom of all ages.”


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A sweet retreat where Friday meets you on the way to life's little pleasures. Reviews, recommendations, and thoughts to share with multiple generations.


Heather Brebaugh

Founder of Kindness Magnet™ with subscribers in 59 countries. I write about personal growth, success, happiness, and attracting a lifestyle that aligns with your values.